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We want all kids to be able to participate in our scout activities! Therefore, we offer The Scouts Support Fund, which provides scouts between the ages of 8-25. The Scout Support Fund gives the opportunity to take part of scouting on equal terms as their friends. On this website you find more information and instructions on how you apply.

The donation from the Support Fund is a contribution to scouts in need of economical or material support, so they can join scout activities arranged by their local scout group on equal terms as their friends. For example, the contribution can cover participation fees, member fees, travels, equipment or other similar costs. The contribution can also be  in terms of equipment.
The purpose of the Support Fund is to give more children and youth the opportunity to join activities that they otherwise would not have been able to take part of.

Support can be given to:

  • Individual members
  • Relatives or other representative of an individual member (eg. Patrol leader, trustee or other)


  • You cannot receive support from the Scouts Support fund if don´t have a connection to the Scouts or to scout activities.
  • You cannot receive support for participating in centrally arranged activities, such as Explorer Belt.
  • A member can receive a maximum of 2500 SEK per semester (5000 SEK per full year).

How to apply:

You can apply to the Scouts support fund any time of the year.
In your application, write the reason for applying and how you will use the contribution. You apply by filling in the digital form below.

Do like this:
Write your application in Swedish or in English.
Choose ONE of the following alternatives:

The application is handled with secrecy by Scouterna. No one in your local scout group needs to know that you have applied.

Note: if your application is detailed, it will be easier for us to handle it.

You will receive a notification after approximately four weeks*

Questions? E-mail

* The Scouts Support Fund receives many applications at the moment. Therefore it may take a little longer before you receive an answer.