Application to The Scouts support fund – for someone else

This form allows you to apply for a financial contribution from the Scouts Support Fund for a scout between the ages of 8 and 25.

The Support Fund is paid as a contribution to Scouts who need support to be able to participate in local Scout group activities on equal terms as other Scouts. This may include participation fees, membership fees, travel, equipment or similar expenses. The support may be material or financial. The purpose is that more children and young people should be able to participate in activities that they otherwise not would  have been able to. The Support Fund is available for Scouts between 8-25 years. The application to the Scouts Support Fund is handled with secrecy.


  • Information about you who are seeking support for someone else:

  • Information about the person you think should receive the support

  • Is it to an activity, is it a membership fee to the Scout group, is it a participation fee, equipment or something else? Explain and specify (write how much each thing costs)
  • If you are looking for support somewhere else, write from whom.