Submit an international event or camp open to Swedish Guide and Scout participants

International events open to Swedish Guides and Scouts

  • Do you want to let Guides and Scouts in Sweden know about a camp that you are holding? You can send in your tips to the webmaster here at and we may be able to publish it in our list of international camps and events. We only link to events run by organisations that are connected to WAGGGS (The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) or WOSM (The World Organization of the Scout Movement). The camp must have a website were we can link to for more information.
  • First name and family name of the person filling in this form/submitting the information.
  • An email address where Scouterna's webmaster can contact the person filling in this form. This address will not be published.
  • What is the name of the event?
  • Where will the camp or event take place?
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  • Who is hosting the event? Which guide/scout group, district, region, national guide or scotu organisation?
  • Who are the participants at the event? What ages may participate? What leaders or staff members may attend? What age limits are there on leaders or staff volunteers?
  • Please provide a description of the event. It is good to include the aims of the event, what sort of activities will be available, what sort of accommodation applies, what equipment will be provided and what participants need to bring themselves, and any other information you have available.
  • Website where any interested guides or scouts can read more about the event.
  • Email address to which interested guides and scouts can write for more information. Please note that this address will be published on our public website.
  • An image file that can be published with the event information. must be jpg format and no larger than 1MB.
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